frequently asked questions

how do I reserve my spot?

Getting on the waitlist is free, and we expect to start opening membership spots very soon. Once your spot on the waitlist comes up, we'll reach out. At that point, to reserve your membership we do require a 60% deposit at signup, and the remaining 40% once the boats are available for booking. You'll have 7 days to finalize the process once your spot does come up.

what locations are there?

We will launch our first location in Puerto Portals, Mallorca, and plan to open a second location in Port Adriano, Mallorca. The idea is to scale to ports all throughout Mallorca, the rest of the Balearics, and the rest of the Mediterranean.

what is included?
  • The ability to book between 1 and 2 concurrent reservations (depending on your membership) through our app, based on availability. You can, however, use the boats unlimited times throughout the year.

  • Unlimited same-day bookings, subject to availability.

  • Since our boats use no fuel, there is no charge for fuel used, unlike other boat clubs. Those are savings of between €50 to €300 per trip.

  • Boat insurance with an €800 deductible. This means you won't be responsible for any damages to the boat over that amount.

  • Daily boat checks to ensure everything is working properly on the boat before the day of your booking! That means there will be no surprises the day of your trip, like the engine or bathrooms not working, or the motor not running.

what is not included?
  • Skipper. While we will offer the ability to add on a skipper to your trip, this will be at an additional cost.

  • Boating licence. In order to be able to use our boats, we will require a boating licence, depending on the boat used. So, for our earth membership, you'll need a basic navigation license ("Licencia de Navegación") which is a 6-hour training and costs around €100. For the jupiter membership, you'll need a basic navigation skipper license ("Patron de Navegación Basica") which is a 12-hour training + test and costs around €400). For the sun membership you'll need a recreational boat skipper ("Patron de Embarcaciones de Recreo") 28-hour training + test and costs around €600.

  • Food and drink. Though we will also be offering catering services in the future.

  • Clean-up. It is every member's responsibility to leave the boat like they would like to find it. This means performing the required check-out procedures, as well as removing all trash and belongings, and rinsing the boat with fresh water.

what other services will be offered?
  • Day-skipper. For those that don't want to deal with the hassle of being the skipper, you'll be able to book a skipper for each one of your trips (subject to availability).

  • Catering. A variety of partners will offer catering services and bring them to the marina the day of your trip.

  • Cleaning services. Don't want to deal with clean-up and checkout procedures? No worries. We'll arrange for all that to be done for you for a fee of between €50 and €150 per trip.

how many times can I use a boat?

Unlimited times. The only restriction is that you may only have 1 to 2 concurrent bookings at a time, depending on your membership. If you'd like to have more than that, there is a possibility to add an additional concurrent booking for an additional 20% increase in membership fee per additional concurrent booking. But do keep in mind that you'll also have unlimited same-day bookings that don't count towards your concurrent bookings. We expect that on average, members will be able to take 10-20 times trips per year. Lastly, keep in mind that our 12.0 catamarans have enclosed areas, which allow them to be used much more during the winter months, increasing the opportunities for taking out the boats.

are there any financing options?

Not at this time, though we do intend to offer this starting in 2024.

can I get a refund?

Membership fees are non-refundable for reasons originating from the member, except for extenuating circumstances (subject to the discretion of solarboats club management). Membership advances prior to boats being bookable will be 100% refundable only if solarboats club cannot provide the services agreed upon in the membership agreement.

how do I book a boat?

You'll be able to see availability and book your boats through our solarboats club app. We want to make sure it's as easy as possible for you.

I'm ready to do this... how do I sign up?

Join our waitlist by clicking on the button below!